Wind, Rain, & Piano Keys

wind and rain... I love them both.

SOOC Shot // SOOC Shot
The adventurous, clean, fresh smell of rain, the feel of the wind's pull on my hair, leftover snowflakes floating around... Mmmm... They all made me feel like I was inside a fairytale when I stepped outside this morning.

 And no, sadly I didn't take any photos. And yes, I am extremely mad at myself.

And yes, these are leftover photos from last week, which I was looking for an excuse to post.
So, you are probably wondering what piano keys have to do with wind & rain, right? Well, umm... basically nothing. I was just, well... looking for an excuse to post these photos (taken at a friend's house yesterday). ;P

Taking photos of someone playing piano was one of the things on my (mental) bucket list. Now I can cross it off!

Lighting was pretty bad though (at least in the exact spot the piano was), but I did manage to take a few non-grainy photos.

Black & White
 By the way, her piano is not green. It just looks green in the photos. And yes, they are (really and truly) SOOCs. It may have been the lighting or something that made them look green. I love the way they turned out! :)

Sorry for the rather unstructured post. I just couldn't think of an exact topic to post upon, so I just kinda went with what I had... something I just realized I do often. ;)

p.s. Be on the look out these next few days, because a certain (awesome) person is guest posting. ;)

p.s.s. I got a one dollar Amazon credit via this tweet, and was going to buy Safe and Sound, and guess what? They won't let me get it because I live in Canada (not the US). What?! It's not like they're going to be shipping it to me or something... 0_o


  1. Lovely photos, Eve!
    Oh! the injustice of not being able to get certain things because we live in Canada! It get's annoying...

    ~Nessima of Arda Nessimava

  2. Those shots of the puddle are lovely. and I love the mysterious piano shots♥


  3. Wind, rain, and piano keys... perfection. Three of my favorite things, too!
    Simply beautiful.

  4. you live in Canada? I had no idea! weird! :)
    anyway. I love that first picture, with the hover-over! both of them are really cool. and the piano pictures - the focus is amazing!

  5. just stumbled upon your blog, wow. i love your heart and also love your photography. so sweet. God bless, girl! i look forward to reading more :)




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