Hungry for Change... because Food Matters

*ahem* I did NOT choose that photo as a video cover.

I saw Hungry for Change today via the free online premiere (you can sign up and watch it for free til March 31st). I did also see Food Matters last year, but it all still came as a shock! Do you know how much sugar the average American consumes per year? 250 pounds! That's just crazy! And if you're thinking 'Well, it's a whole year...', then you should know that sugar is addictive & unhealthy (can cause cancer), in fact, it should be right up there with nicotine and alcohol! Sorry to make you feel bad sugar lovers, but that's the ugly truth.
I highly recommend you see this. You may realize that some of the stuff you're eating and think is healthy, really isn't. And if you're considering going on a diet, you may want to think again. Hurry though, the free online premiere ends on the 31st... and this is definitely something you don't want to miss.
Because food really does matter.


  1. very informative! thanks for sharing :)


  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this, Eve. I think I'm going to watch this.


  3. Thanks for spreading the word! Films like this can make sooo much of a difference. They're a wonderful wake-up call. I live on a family farm, and the amount of people seeking good food after watching Food Inc. were incredible!


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