In Which You Get to Ask Away

So I've really been thinking of creating a FAQ page recently. Well, actually for like four months now. ;P
I don't know if you look through FAQs, but I do. They introduce you to the person behind the blog through a series of, sometimes totally random (my favourite!), questions. I think that's awesome.
Wanna ask me something? Please post it in a comment below! I'll be filming a vlog, as well as writing a page... both dedicated to answering your questions. ;)
Ask away!


  1. i just want to know why and when you began blogging. the most basic of questions are my favorites.


  2. favorite kind of pizza? How tall are you?

  3. hmm. what first got you interested in photography? and since you're doing a vlog, what's the weirdest face you can make? :))

  4. 1. What's your favorite color?
    2. What inspires you to blog?
    3. Who's your role model?
    4. What is your favorite movie that came to theaters in 2011?

    5. (since your doing a vlog) Can you do a crossed eyed monkey face?



  5. Favorite...

  6. Where is your dream vacation spot?
    What is your imaginary friend's name?
    Favorite color of nail polish.
    Best board game ever invented.

    I might come up with more later... Hrm. ;)


  7. do you like peeta? (haha, just kidding.)
    have you sent me a letter yet? (you don't have to answer this one, either... but seriously, i'm getting excited.)
    which three books do you rank among the best books you've ever read?
    what was the first camera you ever used/owned?
    dream career?
    what's one of your earliest memories? (mine is sitting in my bedroom coloring on myself with orange and black markers. weird, i know.)

    i might ask more later ;)

    abbie /// xoxox


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