just breathe

"this is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." -- psalm 118:24 

It is so easy to get caught up in that endless monotone of busy. You rush off, from one thing to the next, & sometimes you forget to simply step back & just breathe. Look out the window. Feel the wind. Close you eyes for a couple of seconds. Gaze at the stars. Watch the sun come up. Listen to some music. Smile just for the joy of being alive. Relax. Let go. Rejuvenate. Refocus.

Don't let busy take over. Take a few moments & absorb yourself in the wonderful beauty of God's creation. And when you go back to your tasks, don't let the joy escape. Hold onto it.


p.s. thank you all so much for the lovely birthday wishes! you are sweetest. <3
p.p.s. the music playlist above was created by yours truly & contains a whole set of favourite tracks which I find both relaxing & inspiring. the mixtape is entirely made up of movie scores, but please keep in mind that I have NOT seen ALL of the movies these tracks are from. some, I simply found via the names of the composers, & thus do NOT, in any way, promote the movies they are from. just wanted to make that clear. :)



And so February gives way to March, & March, after putting a rosy tinge on the flower buds, slips into April. April brings with it spring showers & then turns into May, with the scent of freshly-cut grass lingering in the air. And May rapidly rolls into June & July & then August, all full to the brim with delightful sunshine. And following swiftly on silent feet come September & October, with fall breezes, a delightful palette of autumn colours, muddy boots, & cinnamon goodness. November, rainy & dreary, but quiet & understanding, passes by. December arrives. Glorious, wonderful December. With hope, joy, pink cheeks & noses, evergreen broughs, powdery snow, & much laughter. And then January steps in again, full of promise as always. And today, January 10th, is my birthday. The day I turn fifteen.

Many, many things have happened over the past year. I'm thankful for them all - the happy & the sad. I'm thankful for all the lovely blogger friends I got to know (you guys are so sweet. all those birthday wishes on my timeline... I'm so incredibly blessed! <3). I have grown & changed, & I still have a long ways to go. This is just another bend in the road. A new, untrodden path, twisting & turning ahead, beckoning me onwards. I can't wait to start on this new adventure.

many, many hugs to you sweet friends!! <3
fifteen-year-old me