The Little Boy with the Blue Eyes...

You may remember that earlier this year I had a little photoshoot with Christine, well, this one is very similar, the only thing that's different is... the person I'm having the photoshoot with! I guess that's hardly "similar", but you'll see what I mean. ;)
So without farther ado, I'm pleased to introduce to you The Little Boy with the Blue Eyes! :)

...And isn't he adorable! (SOOC Shot)
(SOOC Shot)
(Slight Brightness/Contrast Adjustment)
(Slight Brightness/Contrast Adjustment)
(SOOC Shot)

I LOVE this one! (Brightness/Contrast Adjustment)
(Slight Brightness/Contrast Adjustment)

Which one is your favourite?

Flower Girl

Here are a few pictures I took awhile back. As you can tell by the blooming flower bush, it was spring then, which now seems so far away...

Christine is a little bit blurry in this photo, but I love her expression! :D

I'm entering this one in Allie and Mikayla's Photo Challenge.

I'll be posting a few more photos today, so stay tuned! :)


Four Words

I. Love. My. Tripod. And that's that! :D

This one's a favourite!

P.S. How does my new watermark look?


Breathe: A Photography Challenge

Just wanted to enter this photo into a challenge again, because I love it so much!