I Moved!

Just before you get any ideas, I'm going to say that this post has nothing, whatsoever, to do with my domain name!

Last Saturday was an adventure! Why? Because I moved from this room...

{Please pardon the photos, but you know how indoor lighting is. I had to adjust the brightness/contrast in this one, and I even adjusted the saturation in an attempt to eliminate some noise. Looks like the computer screen got the worst of it! Lol! :D}

...to this room...

At least that's what it looked like before I moved in. Here's what it looks like now:

Saturday night was the first night in one, two... about four years, which I actually spent in a room all by myself. Well you can go back farther than that, if you count those three years I had my beta fish. :P Anyway, having your own room is awesome! I no longer have to constantly pick up toys from the ground, and most importantly, I have all my favourite books in the room with me!
There is one little problem though, my bed is kind of uncomfortable. But I'll be getting a new (normal) bed soon, this one is actually a fold-out-bed-sofa thing, not sure what they're called. Also, we'll be putting two wall shelves on the wall above the bed, so I'll have plenty of space for more books! Yay!

So, what do you think of my new room? :)


  1. Oh, how fun! Love the new room, Eve. :-)

    Okay, and I confess right now that as soon as I saw the picture of your bookshelf, I had to zoom my computer screen to see if I could recognize any (haha!). I spotted the Kingdom series and Knights series in there. Awesome series! I'm gunna be rereading those soon, I hope. :-)

  2. Thanks!

    Lol! I'll be posting a close-up photo of my favourites shelf soon! :D I love those too!

  3. How exciting, Eve!
    I love your bookshelf. =D My sister and I have always said that whenever we have our own house we will each have at least one room with floor to ceiling bookshelves.

    I must say I'm a tad bit jealous--I've never had my own room. ;)

  4. I loved this!
    So cooL!
    THanks for following me blog!

  5. Love it! It's beautiful :)
    You did an amazing job!

  6. I love the bookshelf :)


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