Scavenger Hunt Sunday

(Make that a Tuesday... :P)

1. Words
I wasn't even taking this shot for the sake of the shot. I needed the page number for reference. :P

2. Under
B&W {slight sephia} Edit
As you can see, I was under the tree when I took this! :D

3. Orange
SOOC Shot {with tripod}

4. Fly

5. Always Look on the Bright Side
Brightness/Contrast Adjustment
You have no idea how difficult it was to take this shot! I took it yesterday while I was out in the front yard. It's been raining here quite often lately, so the grass was rather wet, and since I didn't want to get my pants dirty and since this flower was closer to the ground than I would've wanted, I had to get into the most uncomfortable position. I bent down really close to the ground, so that my knees were almost touching it, but not quite, and positioned my camera about 6 or 7 inches above the ground. Then I lowered my head to look through the viewfinder (painful!). Most awkward position you can get into (it looks worse than it sounds)! A little boy riding his bike paused to stare at me... and I don't blame him, I'm guessing I looked pretty ridiculous! :P :D But hey, looking at the bright side, I got this awesome shot!


  1. Amazing photos! You've captured God's creations wonderfully. :)

  2. I love you under shot, it is beautiful.

  3. This is a gorgeous set! I really like the 'Word' one - you can almost feel the page flipping.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful set - I really love your perspective on under and fly!

  5. I think "under" is my favorite.

  6. These are great pictures! I think my favorite is the book.

  7. Nice set of photos..they all go so nicely together

  8. "Fly" is gorgeous! Such a cute set :)

  9. Beautiful photographs! My favorites are "orange" and "fly." Keep up the wonderful work!
    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog, if you care to enter!

  10. I really like the 1st one, nice shot!


a single ray of light can brighten even the darkest forest.