the photographer's eye

People say feathers make the bird, I say the eye makes the photographer. There are many photographers out there, and they shoot with different cameras, different lenses, & also have different styles, but they all have the eye. They can see what other people cannot. That little drop of light, left over from the sunset, lingering on a tiny leaf... that perfect angle, just right for sunflares... that hole in a barbwire fence, waiting to be turned into a natural frame. To some, it comes naturally & with others, it takes effort.
Train your eyes to see the unique beauty in little, ordinary, everyday things, & even if all you have is a point-and-shoot, you'll be one step closer becoming a photographer.


  1. Oh how gorgeous is this!

  2. I say the eye makes the photographer gah.. that line is awesome. this is just gorgeous, eve

  3. Love this post, Eve! :) So true!

  4. Oh wow. Those are so pretty! I like the second one especially. I really like your thoughts on photography, they are definitely written by an experienced photographer.


  5. this is so pretty! love it Eve.(:

  6. kay. this is a new belief of mine. i really like you.

    abbie /// xoxox

  7. gorgeous!! thanks for commenting on my blog. this post [and your blog] is just amazing!



a single ray of light can brighten even the darkest forest.