the calm before the storm

Right before a storm sets in, there is this moment of utter calm. The birds stop singing & it seems as if all of creation holds its breath... waiting.. like an audience before the drawing of the curtains. It waits for the Artist to reveal His masterpiece, in all of its glory & splendor. The sky, a seemingly endless palette of gray, tinged pink from the sunset, looks down upon the trees, their leaves shaking, creating beautiful melodies. And then... the first crystal clear drop of rain falls from the heavens... the first rumble of thunder is heard... the first flash of lightning is seen - the cloth covering the canvas has been lifted. And as I stand here, ripples of excitement running through me, bubbling over into a smile, I realize, that no matter how hard I try or how long I live, I'll always fall short of grasping the full majesty of the Creator.


  1. oooh, these are GORGEOUS, Eve. :) the calm before the storm is one of my favorite parts of a summer rain-fall.


  2. 2th one is the most beautiful *.*
    i want to jump there

  3. That was beautiful, Eve. I love your way with words :).

  4. You are the number one blogger I follow when it comes to pictures of rain :D

    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. these are gorgeous.. I adore the summer storms. and you write beautifully.

  6. Anonymous6.8.12

    thanks for sharing.


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