little boys / guest post by abbie

it's funny that eve asked me to guest post today, because it's my brother's birthday. well, one of them. the handsome one right up there. he's mathias and he turns eight years old today. the one in gray is luukas. he turned five on august 18th. these are two of my five brothers.

alex is 16 and he's one of my best friends. we've stuck together since we were really little, and i have the best childhood memories of the two of us. mathias is 8. he makes me laugh. he's really sweet and loves spending time with people. luukas is 5, and he's loud and creative (i think he gets it from me). efraim is 3. cute and very cuddly. and zach is 1 and a half, aand he's adorable. he's learning to talk right now, he calls me "babbie" and is generally the cutest kid ever.

sometimes my life gets crazy, but i guess that happens to other people too. and i'm definitely not perfect, but overall i love being a big sister to all these little boys. and i love being a little sister for my older brother. :)

so i hope you made it through that long ramble about my family. i wanna say a super-thanks to eve for asking me to guest post. guys, she's seriously awesome. like, legit. i hope i get to meet her some day. *hint*

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  1. ohmygosh, these are adorable! their eyes are ahh-mazing!


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