a breath of fresh air & an announcement

The wind whispers. The palm trees wave. The sand glitters. The sun smiles. The sea beckons... and thus my announcement. We're leaving for Florida next Tuesday (NOT tomorrow), for two weeks! That'll be a twenty-five hour road trip, but I'm planning on taking along a whole bunch of books & audiobooks, so I don't think it'll be so bad. I'm very much looking forward to a breath of fresh air before the new school year begins, &, of course, to the super big surprise I'm going to post about after I get back! And in case you feel impatient, I thought I might mention following me on Instagram (@his_swordmaiden), Twitter, and/or Facebook will most likely reveal the big 'thing' beforehand. ;)
I'm planning on asking a few of my favourite bloggers to guest post in the time I'm away, but if you would like to as well, just shoot me an email and I'll be glad to add you to the list!
Enjoy these last few rays of summer! :)


  1. have a great trip!!!!!

  2. Have a great trip, Eve. Ive always wanted to go to Florida can't wait to see the photos. I think I know the surprise;) can't wait to read the guest posts too, will miss you.


  3. oh have fun! I love your blog.


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