I finally got Pinterest! I was going to make myself an account earlier, but since you have to have either Facebook or Twitter, which I didn't, I thought "I don't need this..." But all those amazing pictures everyone was posting around, I just couldn't resist joining!
I mean just look at these...

How cuter can it get?! And these...


I pinned them...instantly!

This is probably one of my favourites...

You can visit and follow my Pinterest page here. See you on Pinterest! :)

All photos via pinterest


  1. i just found your blog through your photography blog that everyone seems to have the button for :) i follow you now because i love how creative you are! and on pinterest, too. you can check out my blog, and my pinterest, and follow if you like.


  2. Thank you! That is so sweet! :) I'm already following your blog... and I now followed you on Pinterest! ;)

  3. ahh...I want Pintrest so badly, but they never send me an invitation, I've been on the "waiting list" for like 1 month.

  4. I could send you one! Just shoot me an email! :)



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