Little Mr. Darcy

I recently saw Pride and Prejudice. Both versions actually, just to compare them. I used to think that the BBC one wasn't even worth watching because it was old, but I couldn't have been more wrong! It's a thousand times better than the 2005 version!
Anyways, after my little brother's bath the other day, I combed his hair. When I was done, he turned and looked at me with the most regal expression...

Black and White Edit

And I laughed out loud! Seriously, he looks just like a mini Mr. Darcy!

Hue and Brightness/Contrast Adjustments

Wouldn't you agree? ;)

Hue Adjustment

Brightness/Contrast Adjustment

Hmm... the real Mr.Darcy only smiles on his wedding day and/or whenever Elizabeth is around, so 'Little Mr.Darcy' is certainly back to his old self now!

Brightness/Contrast Adjustment

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  1. haha, what a regular Mr. Darcy!!

  2. I love those pictures.... so cute! He is such a little Mr. Darcy!

  3. Anonymous7.12.11

    So cute! Love it.


  4. Oh my--he is so cute!!! Simply adorable. =D

    I've only ever seen the 2005 one and I didn't like it all that much. Aside from the fact that it has an amazing soundtrack and the lighting in the movie is stunning. ;)

  5. Thank-you everyone! :)

    Emily Grace ~ You should definitely see the BBC version! It may be a bit old, but it is amazing!


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