Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth... again! I've decided (and trust me, I went back and forth between 'yes' and 'no' several times) to go ahead with the combining of my blogs! Many thanks to everyone who voted on the poll! :)
Just to clarify, THIS blog will be turning into my main blog. I'm KEEPING:


...as my blog address. I don't want to change it and confuse everyone, besides - I like it. I'll still mainly be posting photos anyway, so it's really not going to be that big a change.
Also, I'm still having my blogoversary in March! I have tons on fun things planned for you guys! ;) I was wondering if anyone would be interested in getting interviewed/guest posting (photography related) on my blog during that time? I'm planning on e-mailing and asking a few bloggers, but if you're interested, please let me know!
I'll be coming up with a new design for this blog (mainly because of the name change) and plan to have everything in order by the end of February. Since I have a few projects and things I want to finish before my blogoversary comes around though, I may not be posting as often as I normally would. Rest assured, I'll definitely be making up for it during March! ;)
Oh, and I also wanted to let you guys know... I got an iPod Touch last Saturday! It's amazing!

My music library :)

And here's a really awkward picture of me taken with my iPod.

So, look out! A flood of Instagram edited photos may very well be coming your way soon! ;)
Have a lovely weekend (and please excuse this rather random update post)!


  1. I would love to guest post/be interviewed! Just give me the details, and I'd be happy to do either.


  2. oh, awesome! that picture of you is not awkward, it is very cute. you have very pretty eyes. And if you still want a guest poster, I'd be happy to. Let me know.

  3. nice phone! =)


  4. 1. Hey, I'd probably guest post! Let me know if you'd want me to.
    2. we should follow each other on Instagram! I'm _maryann_ if you want to search for me.
    3. yay for new blog designs!
    4. I think it's really epic that you took that screenshot at 11:11. just saying. :)

  5. Hi Eve!
    I think it's great that you're combining your blogs into one, though I adored your other blog. (and the design!) I was wondering....and this is totally up to you, but would you allow me to use your old swardmaiden graphic for my blog? I really loved that graphic, (the lady with the beautiful dress/flames on the left side.) and wanted to know if I could use it for my header/blog button. Let me know what you think! :)

  6. I am just stopping by to return the kindness which you bestowed upon me earlier. *wink*

    I too am a lover of Julie Klassen's writings, although I have read but one of her works. She certainly is an exceptional writer.

    serving tea and scones @ www.theoldfashionedgirl.com


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