New Design + New Name

I am so sorry for trashing your dashboard with imported posts! I had a bit of an issue while moving things around, and in the end, Blogger recognized all the imported posts as having been posted today! Now I'm required to do a word verification every time this draft saves itself - just to prove I'm not a robot. Crazy!
Anyways, I've updated the design (only a few touch-ups left to do). What do you think? I love it! I worked on it quite a bit yesterday, but the results were totally worth it! And yes, I will be posting an actual non-update post soon. I just need to get a few photos watermarked. ;)
Have fun exploring everything! I updated all my pages, as well as the 'about me' dropdown (need to add a new photo), and I also added in a music playlist to my sidebar, with all the songs I love to listen to on my iPod (you really need to check out Something Heavenly). Oh, and be sure to grab my new button! :)


  1. blogger's word verification is the worst... but your design looks amazing! I'll have to do some exploring, and I grabbed a button :)

  2. New design...LOVE IT!

    ~Nessima of Arda Nessimava

  3. lol, I was wondering what was up with all the "new" posts from you. Then I realized you must be moving ;) The design looks AMAZING. Seriously, do you do them for free, because I may just want one! It's absolutely beautiful.

    By the way... I read up on your sponsor page. I would be interested in doing a sponsor swap, if you want. Email me if that sounds cool =)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. Anonymous21.2.12

    Your design looks absolutely beautiful; love how minimalistic and elegant it looks, with the slight splashes of orange.

    I'm curious: your work?
    Where did you learn blog design and HTML coding? It's frustrating wanting to get a personalized bloglook but having to work within very tight boundaries. I'm slowly starting to consider getting into it more, learning how to find my way around. Where did you get your start?

  5. Dear Eve,
    One of my blogging friends told me you made her signature.
    She Highly recomends you.
    Do you think you could do one for me?

    Your Sister In Christ,
    ~Tasha Ann

  6. Love your new design, Eve! It is simply stunning. =D

  7. Oh, I love it!! =D

    Abbie /// XOXOX


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