Portrait Photo Contest: {life is too short not to} wear red shoes

Polka Dot over at {life is too short not to} wear read shoes is hosting a portrait photo contest... with prizes (button below)!

Here are my entries:

I love, love, LOVE this photo of my little sister, Christine, so very much!!!

Isn't he just precious?


  1. i love it! especially the first one!
    thanks for following, too. :)

  2. I love your photos and wonder what kind of camera you're using.

  3. Hi Anita!

    I actually meant to add an "Inside my Camera Bag" page to my blog, but I haven't quite gotten around to doing it yet. Anyway, I use a Canon Rebel XS with the standard 18-55mm IS Lens. I plan to buy a few other lenses in the future, but I want to get to know by camera I little better first.

    Glad you stopped by!


  4. Hello there, your photographs are gorgeous, I have posted one on my new blog I hope you don't mind its called unrecognisedphotographs, love your blog, check it out, oh and I'll remove it if you dont want it on there!
    thank you !!!

  5. I don't mind if you share it on your blog, Lolei! Thanks for asking, though! :)


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