The Little Girl with the Blue Eyes...

Here are a few photos I took a couple of weeks ago...

I absolutely love how the edit turned out!

This one is my favourite! :)

I really like this one too!
This is a SOOC shot. I tried editing it on both Photoshop and Picnik, but I couldn't really get the desired result. I probably would have gotten it if I had played with it a bit on PS, but I didn't want to spend too much time on one single photo. Anyway, here are the other edits:
I used PS for this one, but I didn't like it because the eyes turned out to be too dark.
This is PS as well. I like it, but it still didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.
{Picnik} I think I overdid myself on actions...
{Picnik} The only action I used here is Cross Process. I think this edit actually turned out to be the best. Which one do you like?

Happy Easter!

P.S. I planned on posting a few Easter pictures today, but my camera's battery died, so I'll have to wait till it recharges to download the pictures onto my computer. Expect another post later today or tomorrow {if it so happens that I run out of time}. :)


  1. Super neet photos! I especially like the last edit!

  2. What pretty photos! And edits! Nothing can replace the talent of a well taken photo, but I believe you can be just as talented in photoshop! Even in your young age your talent shines!God has blessed you, have a great day and keep your heart towrds Him,

  3. Thanks Meg! :)


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