what if we all told the truth

Let's be honest. Perfect lives don't exist. There is no such thing as a perfect person living a perfect life in a perfect house with a perfect family & perfect friends. Even if someone's life seems perfect to us, it isn't. We all have faults & struggles & maybe some things we aren't too proud to admit. We all know that. And yet... we tend to forget.

Sometimes we look around & think, "Oh, look at those people! Wow. They are so amazing & the total best at (insert word here). And they have such great things going on. It's like... their lives are perfection itself! I sure wish my life was as great. But that's never going to happen. Hmm... maybe I'll just sit here & pretend I have a better & greater life even when I don't, & maybe I'll be able to make everyone believe that too, & maybe, just maybe, my pretend life will become real & everything will finally be perfect & I'll be SO happy! This is going to be great!"

Okay, so first off, I can't blog about or write about what my life is actually like because everyone will find out I'm a fake. Nope. Can't have that happening. Maybe I'll just post pretty pictures & occasionally pretty words & stuff. Mmhm, yes. Also, under no circumstances can I post on controversial topics or really anything that's on my mind because... what if... someone gets offended. Ahhh, noooo!!! Or maybe they won't... but they still might disagree. And they might unfollow my blog. And the little number on the little widget on my sidebar is going to decrease. I CANNOT have that. BIG disaster if that happens. I will not be able to stand it. Nope, better stay on the safe side. Okay, yes. Stick to pretty words. Yup. Good. This is good. Awesome plan. Let's do this!"

Sound familiar? If you're honest, you'll probably answer yes. And I'm going to be honest with you right now & say 'yes' too. It is true, my thoughts have often wandered in a very similar direction. And I admit that not because I'm happy, or proud of it, or even want to admit it. I'm saying it simply because of the fact that it's true. It is. I have often, in the past, used the Internet & my blog to hide what my life is truly like, to wish all the struggles I have away & just be a perfect me. Or rather, a perfect imitation of the perfect me I envision.

Well, I don't want that ever to be the case ever again. I want to be honest. I want to be honest about my life & my thoughts & my dreams. Are you with me? Honesty takes courage. It takes courage to expose & show what you really are... different.

Different. That big scary word. Why is it so scary? Maybe it's because of the lie that's floating around, trying to convince people that different is bad. Very bad. Why? Well, we might be hated for being different. But really? Should that bother us? Jesus was hated for being different, for not sticking with the crowd. He was even beaten & humiliated & put on a cross. And why did He do that? For us. He died the death we were supposed to die. HE DIED FOR US. Just think about that for a moment.

Did it sink in yet? You were lying if you answered yes. It can never ever sink in. EVER. We can't even begin to comprehend it all. Now think about that. Think about how totally pathetic & irrational your fear of being different is compared to all that. Someone died for you & you are scared of being honest about yourself? And you hide behind a fake version of your life? Really? Wow... to what depths we have fallen.

Have you ever thought of how drastically the blogging world, & the world in general, would be affected if we were all simply honest? Admitted to our imperfection, instead of living behind a fake curtain of perfection? Admitted to our faults & failures & struggles? What if we all told the truth?


  1. Ohh man, so SO good. <3

  2. ... I just wrote a really long comment and then my computer froze and I lost it. This is fantastic though Eve! Good words :)

  3. I can't stop nodding in agreement. xx

    see, girl, this is why you HAVE to see the message i sent you on facebook last night.
    this is totes brills, lady.

  5. amen. amen. AMEN. you're amazing, dearie.
    love you lots,
    your MH

  6. i just keep nodding and agreeing. if you could only see me. seriously, Eve. this is incredibly true, beautiful and well written. fabulous. xx.

  7. Dearest eve. This is pretty much what has been on my mind lately. Fear is so crippling when it comes to blogging. But if we would just share the real things, it would be so much more enjoyable. I mean, a post full of photographs is nice to look at, but it doesn't really mean anything. And it's not that satisfying when we post it because we hardly spent any time on it and hardly put any work and creativity into it. And the blogging world needs posts that matter. It needs posts that aren't full of lies. It needs people who are willing to do things differently. Thing thing is, though, that we can post about being real and and being honest all we want, but when it really comes down to it, eventually, we're going to have to ACTUALLY post the honest posts. Bloggers post about how they're going to be real sososo much. But we need to be brave enough to actually do it. I am SO excited to see your HONEST posts and honest posts by anyone who read this and is brave enough to make a change. Basically, this post was just reallyreally good. I've actually written an enormous post along the lines of this very same thing. I'll be posting it soon ;) xoxox. Megan

  8. This is the best.

  9. love this so much! my goodness... every word is so true. this is incredible, Eve.

  10. I have been having similar thoughts myself, almost every day. I hate to admit it, but I envy bloggers whose lives seem to be extraordinary, who are such good writers, who have a shot at a good career, who know everything about blogging, who take fantabulous pictures, who have a lot of followers, who truly believe in god and go to church/are christians/pray or whatever, etcetera.

    See, I have to go to sleep right now 'cause I have school tomorrow. Great post though,

    1. i've been thinking about this post for quite a while (only a couple days :P) and at the time, I never really realized how much this post effected me (in a good way of course) because while i've been thinking about what you've wrote, I've been telling myself "jenny, you shouldn't be jealous of other people's lives because everyone's lives have flaws" and I just want to say thank you for that because now I am more aware of these thoughts so just: thank you. It has made me realize that my life is fine, and that I wouldn't change it at all.

      Thanks again. And now I feel like learning some new words. :D

  11. Anonymous11.12.13

    Surprised to see so many find it difficult to be themselves.


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