my (awkward) first vlog

Please ignore...

...the awkward repetition of 'so', 'yeah', & 'umm'.
...the 'I think' after 'I'm so sorry about the bad quality'. I meant to say that I think the quality will turn out bad... it came out different. :P
...the fact that I only smiled about three times in this video. I'm not usually that serious. ;)
...the awkward and quite embarrassing thumbnail (which I tried to change, but apparently, it needs 36 hours to update).
If you can ignore these four things, you're awesome, and if you can't, you're still awesome. ;)
Keep a look out for those photos next week! :)


  1. Hey Eve!

    You won a award over at my blog!
    An award for girls that have awesome blogs, and I thought of you.
    Stop by whenever you can =)

    Leah Nicolette

  2. you did a GREAT vlog!!! <3


  3. I would love to see inside of your camera bag. Will Definetly stay tuned.

    P.S. How do you make your "eve @ essence of eve" signature when you comment?

  4. I LOVE vlogs! I think it is so neat to see and hear a blogger. :) I would like to do one sometime soon myself.

    (And thank you for letting me guest post the other day. I had fun! :)

  5. eve! it's so nice to "meet" you in a video :) vlogs are the best!
    that's actually really smart to do it on your iPod... the videos from my DSLR are nice but they always take at least half and hour just to upload to my computer. it's ridiculous.
    I hope you have fun on your trip! get lots of sleep tonight!

  6. You did great, love! It was really neat to hear you talk :)

  7. You're so cute! Great job! ;)



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