december came

And so, with a flourish & a powdery white flurry of snow... December came. It is a busy (but in a happy way) month -- one of my favourites. Yummy things baking in the oven, delicious scents wafting through the air, Christmas cards to be made & sent, packages waiting to be wrapped in pretty paper... it's a wonderful time. 
We rejoice as we celebrate the greatest Gift of all, brought to us in a lowly manger. We remember the year past. All the precious moments we have gathered in our memories, to treasure for many seasons ahead, perhaps even forever. We prepare for the year ahead. Making resolutions, new plans, preparing to set exciting new projects in motion, and breathlessly awaiting to to see where they will take us.
That's the beauty of December. Embrace it with me, won't you?


p.s. I have been a little sick these past few weeks, thus the lack of posts. I'm feeling better now, but I probably will not be posting here again til the new year. With the holidays being just around the corner & me still having come last-minute things to take care of, I just won't have the time to sit down & write a real post. I'm sorry for the lack of activity on here lately, & I'm looking to change that in the new year. Thank you all so much for all your sweet comments & support!!! I know it sounds cliche, but -- they mean a lot -- & they really do! :)

p.p.s. Did I forget to say? I'm also planning on giving this place a little facelift over Christmas break. ;)


  1. love this!!! oh, and I hope you do get better soon, dear. sick during christmastime is definitely not fun. at all. :(


  2. :( feel better, Eve!
    love the photo, by the way!

  3. Anonymous19.12.12

    this is a beautiful post and a beautiful picture! oh just wanna let you know I got a new blog: http://flying-little-bird.blogspot.com/ :) and can't wait to see the new look of the blog! xoxo

  4. Nice simple post. Missed you in the blogosphere, feel better, and happy holidays to you and your family.

  5. I miss that boy.


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