shelby || senior shoot

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking a friend's senior portraits a couple of weeks ago. To tell the truth, I was actually pretty nervous at first. I don't have much experience with posing, so I was extremely terrified I'd end up with an average of twenty photos & twenty boring poses. So I scoured through Pinterest like crazy the night before, & even printed out a posing guide and make a whole list of notes (because I'm organized like that... yes).
Despite my fears, however, the photoshoot went great! Shelby & I had tons of fun, even if we DID get lost in the woods of the conservation area... & may or may not have stumbled into someone's backyard by accident. At one point, we even met a guy with a Nikon D600 who walked up to us & actually took our photo for the local newspaper. It was a wonderful adventure. I was surprised at how easily I got used to the whole 'photoshoot' atmosphere. The posing & everything kinda just 'clicked in' with me. I simply can't wait to do this again!
Hope everyone is having an exciting November so far!


p.s. my little sister & Shelby's little sister tagged along as well. they're so cute together! <3


  1. wow. these are really really really beautiful, eve! and she is just so pretty; i want her gorgeous hair. (; xx

  2. Super Beautiful!! love the colors.

  3. EVE!! You're SO GOOD!

  4. these are beautiful, girl! she has rather an "impish" look about her--don't know why, but that word seems to describe it. :) she is so gorgeous, and love the poses! xx

  5. I loooove this photos! She has a wonderful smile and is so beautiful!! Take my senior photos?? lol. (i'm not even a senior. ;))

    God Bless,
    Gymnastic Freak

  6. Oh wow. These are absolutely gorgeous, Eve! Her hair, dress, and smile....totally stunning and you captured it all in a beautiful and unique way. ;) Magnificent job!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! Couldn't pick just one favorite. Great job and keep up the good work!


  8. These are stunning, Eve! You need to come take my pictures someday :)

  9. TOLD YOU THEY WOULD TURN OUT GREAT. you're seriously amazing. and i totally miss christine. <3

  10. your photos are so purty, eve! :)


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