florida 2012 || part 1

west virginia <3
We set off for Florida on August 28th, bright & early in the morning - just before sunrise. On day one, we crossed the border at Port Erie, went through Ohio, Pennsylvania, & then across West Virginia. I absolutely fell in love with West Virginia. The mountains & valleys, all arrayed in the deepest, most vibrant shades of green & bright blue rivers winding through the hills. It was the most picturesque place! I only regret not getting to see the trees dressed in full autumn splendor... it would've been simply magical.
After driving through West Virginia, we went on to Virginia, were we stayed the night at a friend's house in the country (AND that's were I got to pick up my brand new Canon 5D + 50mm 1.4, but more on that in another post. soon. I promise).

The following morning, I woke up at 5:30am... to this. I literally stared out my window for about five minutes before sneaking out to capture it all. The photos above do not give this scene even half the credit it deserves. Words cannot describe this wonderful fresh feeling you get standing there. You have to be there, to see the magnificent golden light peaking in through the mist, to breathe in the lovely fresh air, smelling of morning & country & promise. It just makes you feel wonderfully & truly alive.

And it makes you see & appreciate all the little, but oh-so-important precious moments.

On day two, we headed out from Virginia & passed through North Carolina, South Carolina, & Georgia. They had the weirdest, most annoying two-headed flies in Georgia, by the way. Kinda scary too, actually. Especially when you're not expecting one to land on your arm - & it does.

And then, after two days of driving, we finally reached our destination. Florida. It greeted us with big black storm clouds & torrents of rain... which left us alone after about half an hour. You see, the thing about Florida is, when it rains, it rains hard... but then, it cuts off. Just like that. No warning. BAM... and it stops.

(part 2 coming soon... :)


  1. gorgeous photos, eve. i love the light. xo

  2. I love your thoughts on that morning beauty. I experienced a very similar morning in Sedalia, MO this May. It was glorious :)

  3. loverly. and when I was reading your morning thoughts, I just nodded my head, yes, yes, yes

  4. Beautiful photos! I love your sunrise picture. Looks so calming and quiet.

  5. beautiful pictures. and yep, florida rains almost five days a week! i know, because i live in north florida.

    my lil mud boots

  6. ah, yes, FLORIDA bound!

  7. Okay, seriously. This has got to stop.

    Why didn't you take me with you?

    Excuse me while I go pout in a corner... ;)

  8. these are all so amazing! I know what you mean about West Virginia, because I got to go there for a wedding last fall. It was so pretty!!

    can't wait for more! :)

  9. Beautiful pictures! Hope you have tons of fun down in the sunshine state! :)


  10. Hi,
    I found your Blog through Melodys...
    And would like to forward to you an Award! Here is my Blog (www.heritageoutdoors.blogspot.com) if you go there it will tell you what to do next :)

  11. Awesome pictures! Do you use manual focus?


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