the beach

I step onto the fine grainy surface of the sand & wiggle my toes until they are buried out of sight. The rather strong breeze gives my face a caress, bringing with it the scent of that deep blue, watery version of the sky. The sound of crashing waves on the shore makes tingles of excitement run down my back. I take a deep, refreshing breath and can't help but smile. Three whole seasons of absence have been too long a time... way too long. I'm back now. Back where waves lap gently against the shore, leaving behind seashells - whose pasts are forever destined to remain untold. Back in the land of unending hues of sapphire, where the colour of the horizon is a blend of the two dreamiest shades of blue. Back where inspiration seems to crash into you, just as easily as the white crests of rolling waves. Yes, I'm back in my own little 'Narnia'.
Do you have one too? :)


  1. Ohmygoodness yes!!! I *love* the beach. If I could, I would live there. *smiles*.

  2. No, but I'd like to live next door to you.
    Wondrous photos, love the blurred focus (is that an oxymoron)?

  3. Oh my gosh. I want to be right there. Right now. I love the coast!!!!! :D



  4. Anonymous5.7.12

    besides been wonderful at photography, you have such a fantastic way with words, I felt I was right there with you !! you will write a book someday..way to go !!

  5. gah. wish i could've been there with you. my 'narnia' is by the lake, at camp, or in the woods. or, the fields. i guess i have a lot of places that feel like that to me. :)

  6. Gorgeous pictures, especially the first and fifth. My 'Narnia' is the mountains I had to leave behind in Austria.

  7. Anonymous9.7.12

    Beautiful pictures! i love the sand one!


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