Ohio // part 1

**in case you missed my vlog, this (super outdated) post refers to our Victoria Day long weekend trip to Ohio**

The highlights of our Saturday morning road-trip (via my trusty iPod notepad):

3:30am. I got out of bed after my three hour nap (yes, it felt like a nap).
4:15am. in the car. blankets, overstuffed rectangular-shaped tote bag full of books, & all.
4:30am. Regina Spektor. :)
5:00am. can just catch a glimpse of light blue sky in the east.
5:30am. sunrise & lots of shutter snapping.
5:45am. listening to the narnia & lord of the rings soundtracks.
6:00am. port Erie (second to last photo) and across to NY.
7:15am: Pennsylvania!
8:15am: Ohio.

Happy Father's day! :)


  1. aah, the sunrise! so gorgeous. I can't wait to see more pictures from your trip! although I might have to wait until I get back from my trip... :)

  2. bokeh headlights. gahtakemeroadtrippingwithyou.

  3. wow, those sunsets are lovely!

  4. Beautiful! Love the sunrise pictures. My absolutely fav. pic is number 2 the one on the left hand side. Looks like you had a good time so far, cant wait to see more photos!



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