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Welcome to Essence of Eve, Carli! Before we get to the actual questions, why don't you just tell us a little bit about yourself. :)
Hi everyone! I'm Carli Nicole, a homeschooled teenager. I love photography, music, and poetry, mostly because all of them capture emotion and beauty in different ways. I have three siblings, who are my best friends. We laugh a lot. I love spending time in nature, especially with my camera along. I'm a dreamer, and I love sunsets. This is me.

Sunsets and cameras are definitely two of my favourite things! What do you think inspired you to start on your photography journey?
There were a lot of things, actually. I've always been exposed to photography because my dad has always loved it. From the time I was little I would take pictures with his camera, and I always loved it. I guess it was the idea that I could go out and capture normal things that are beautiful to me, and help other people to be able to see everything that I did.

photography by carli nicole

What would you say the majority of your photos are (portraits, macros, etc)?
Most of my photos are macros of nature.

I take those ALL the time too! What camera/equipment do you use? 
I use a EOS Canon rebel with a 18-55mm lens.

photography by carli nicole

Manual or auto focus? 
I usually use manual, because it is so much more flexible.

It is, isn't it? I can't imagine going back to auto, now that I'm so used to and comfortable with manual. Do you edit your photos? If so, with what?
I don't usually edit much... I am of the opinion that photos are often best left alone. Sometimes I will edit if an image is too dark etc., using Photoshop CS3 (which is seriously amazing).

photography by carli nicole

Oh yes, SOOCs are the best... and CS3 IS amazing! ;) If you could go anywhere in the world with your camera, where would it be? 
oooh...that's a hard one. Probably I would go to somewhere in South America.

I really want to visit Machu Picchu; so much to photograph! Have you ever sold any of your prints? 
No, although I'm planning on starting a shop soon.

photography by carli nicole

I hope you get lots of visitors! ;) What are some tips you can give to newbie photographers?
hmmm...I would say to (1.) take LOTS of pictures. there's only one way to learn. (2.) I know everyone always says this, but don't let the quality of your equipment limit you. You are judged not by your limitations, but how well you perform within those limits.

Very well said, Carli! It was a pleasure to have you over!

For those of you who haven't visited her yet, Carli blogs at Reflections. Her posts are always accompanied by the loveliest of photos! Be sure to drop by her place and say hello! :)

p.s. I did... I got Facebook. And just in case you have it too, here's a link to my profile. ;P

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  1. Beautiful pics carli. I am such newbie at photography, so I love reading these interviews eve.



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