Cool Off During the Summer with a Nice Fresh Homemade Smoothie!

I LOVE smoothies! They're a great healthy way to cool off during the summer, especially on those days when the heat just becomes unbearable.
You should really try making a smoothie yourself! All you need is a blender and some fruit.

I used kiwi...

...some oranges...

...some limes...

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...mangoes, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, and kale for my smoothie. You can pick and choose what fruit you want, maybe even add a bit of all the fruits you can find in your fridge!

Blend it all up {if you feel it's too sweet you can always add about a cup or so of milk}, and...

Don't these pictures just make your mouth water?! Then what are you waiting for, get yourself some fruit and start blending!


  1. Looks very good. i will have to try it. check out mhy recipe!

  2. Anonymous14.7.11

    Mmm looks good :) I love fresh fruit (especially kiwis) :D


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