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Remembering Spring: A Photo Challenge

A while back I posted a poll on my sidebar asking if anyone would be interested in joining a photo challenge hosted by me. The most I hoped for was an average of about eight votes, but I got eighteen positive ones! And so, I am happy to announce that I will indeed be hosting a photo challenge!

I choose this particular theme because last week, I stumbled upon a whole bunch of forgotten spring flower photos in my Canon Rebel XS folder. I'm sure we all have some, and hopefully you'll be encouraged to dig them up, wipe the thick layer of pixely dust from them, and post them on your blog for us to see! :) 

You May Link Up...

Any two flower photos you took during spring! :)


Photo(s) must be taken by you.
Your entry must either have the photo challenge button below it, or a link back to this post. 
You do not have to have a blog to enter. You may link up to your Flickr or you may also e-mail your entry/entries to me at swordmaidenforchrist(at)gmail(dot)com.
 Photo(s) must be appropriate or it/they will be removed.
Linky will close on October 20th, at 12:00AM EST. All photo(s) must be linked up by then!
No one likes a commentless photo challenge entry. Blog-hop around and comment on at least two! 

This is not mandatory, but I really would appreciate it if you spread the word by posting the challenge button on your sidebar. If you did, thank-you! :)

 My Entries:
Slight Brightness/Contrast Adjustment
I will be posting either the winner or the finalists on October 22nd, it all depends on how many entries I get. If there are more than seven I will pick five finalists, you will be able to vote for your favorite in a poll on my sidebar, and there will be three winners.
I will offer the winner(s) a blog design, but they may pass it on to one of the runner-ups if they want to! :)
Have fun linking up! I can't wait to see your entries! :)


  1. this sounds delightful I'm definitely going to enter.
    Rachel Hope.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your entry! :)

  3. Hello Eve,
    I tried to link up to your blog but it said I needed to link a back link to and then said none can you tell me what back link ? thank you
    Rachel Hope

  4. Hi Hope!

    The back link is the link of your photo challenge entry post. So the link title would be where you post your name or the name of your blog, and the back link is the link to your blog post.
    Hope this helps! :)


  5. Hey Eve,

    I like Hope are having major troubles with all of this...

    But here is the link to my entry.

  6. Sounds like fun!! =)


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