may days

Spring is strong and virtuous,
Broad-sowing, cheerful, plenteous,
Quickening underneath the mould
Grains beyond the price of gold.
So deep and large her bounties are,
That one broad, long midsummer day
Shall to the planet overpay
The ravage of a year of war.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson --

My May so far has consisted of weekends spent out in the warm, yet delightfully breezy, weather. As I am still trying to finish of my school year, I try to content myself on weekdays with an open window and the delightful scent of lilacs in full bloom. It encourages me to push on, just a little longer.

Amid soaking up all the sunshine I can & my busy schedule, I have neglected this little blog of mine. It is not that I have nothing to say... it's just that all my thoughts are jumbled up inside my head. At the end of the day, when all is quiet I have a couple of moments just to myself, I am just too exhausted to start untangling them. I have so much to say & yet I feel I can't.

When words fail... photographs take over. It is amazing how much of my emotions and feelings go into my photography. I want my blog to be real and, for the time being, if the only way I can share what I truly feel is with photo essays, then so be it. I am tired of writing posts full of words but empty in feeling.

For the following month, I will be sharing my heart in photographs, quotes, & handfuls of words. No lengthy paragraphs, just captured emotions & words that inspire. Just me & my heart.