florida 2012 || part 2

Waves crash against the seashore, bringing with them tiny shells, adorned with colors of white and purple. Rays of sunshine peek in through palm tree leaves, only to disappear moments later. A steady breeze blows in from the direction of the sea, making my hair fly, and filling my lungs with the fresh aura of adventure. I gaze at the glittering waters before me, made up of the deepest sea blue, and stretching far out into the horizon. If I look hard enough, I can just make out the clear, bright blue sky meeting the ocean, forming its own unique blend of color. It looks so peaceful... and is yet so powerful & full of life. The sea.
And as the sun starts to set over the waves, lighting them on fire, I desperately wish I could sail into the ombre sunset. Far, far into the water... to the land beyond the sunset.
inhaling. exhaling. breathing. dreaming. tucking this lovely memory away.
ocean hugs,



red, orange, & yellow leaves. the distinct, autumn-ish hint in the air. an abandoned cornfield. cozy sweaters. woolly socks. friends & family. lots of laughter. hugs. delicious turkey dinners. hot apple cider with whipped cream. the sweet scent of cinnamon. apple, pecan, & lemon pies. colourful fall decorations. pumpkins. coffee & tea. the orange glow of a fire. a game of charades. warm & cozy feelings.
as anne would say, 'I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.'

cinnamon hugs to you, sweet friends. <3